3 ways to cut back cost of Christmas Gifts

by loloelen

This Christmas will be very peculiar for all us …. The whole year has been recorded in history as one of the most difficult because of the new reality with Covid-19.  No doubt this Season’s Holidays will be different, unknown and complicated.

What can we do to ameliorate this situation? Definitely we need to keep our optimism and believe that something new is coming.  Humans can easily adapt all circumstances and will find the right path for happiness and balance.  For the moment we need to stay in and stay safe!

In order to keep alive our optimism we need to maintain some habits and for sure making gifts is something that we all (children and adults) love it.  Since this crisis made harder our financial status we should try to give joy to our beloved ones without spending money.

Here are 3 tips of how you can cut back this year!

  • give away something of your things that you don’t need anymore and you know that your friend, family, partner loves it  – a book for example is a fine choice – just wrap it to make it look pretty
  • prepare a DIY present such as a drawing, a knitted garment, a delicious cake or liqueur, an ornament, a jewelry etc. and again wrap it beautiful to give even more joy
  • look for special offers in small local businesses – we have all Christmas collection with 20% for the whole December and some other extra special surprises up to 40% off.

And don’t forget, if you proceed with new purchases do them all online – avoid crowdy markets – I am pretty sure that all shops even those without e-shops can accept with a direct message your request and give value to your local stores.  They need support!

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything about our stuff in offer or our cautiously selected preloved.

Sending love


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