Winter Socks: an absolute must

by loloelen

is a pair of winter socks an underestimated clothing accessory? Do you have any or only cotton ones? Well, if you really want to keep yourself warm during winter time then wool socks are an absolute must.

Most people have their sock drawer full of beautiful, colorful cotton socks and if any of wool available, are “hidden” with all ski equipment.

I am sure that you all have experienced wearing the best of the best pair of boots and still remain frozen.  Why? Because your socks were not the proper ones …. You see cotton ones absorb and hold any moisture and then your feet are cold, therefore you are cold.

Especially those of you who spend a lot of time outdoor should always were woolly socks.  There is no excuse for the contrary choice …. Stop saying that these socks are too thick and my boots took tight because nowadays there is a plethora of winter socks that will keep warm without causing you any trouble with your appearance.

Ok maybe I sound like a mum but it is true! Winter, in town or in the country, needs

  • a good jacket,
  • a proper pair of boots,
  • gloves,
  • scarfs,
  • beanies and
  • winter socks!

Then you are free and safe to go!



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