Sunset vs sunrise

by loloelen

I know it is not an important question but it is one that can’t take any position ….. Please help! What do you prefer a sunset or a sunrise?

Talking to you honestly, I feel that all of us, at least once, tried to compare sunset with sunrise, and I am pretty sure that the majority can’t decide though …. don’t you agree?

But, at the end, I find myself choosing sunsets …. Although I am a day person – whenever i wake up late I have the impression that I lost my time, my day, my life …. – a beautiful sunset (is there a chance of a not much to look at sunset?) makes feel really pleased as punch.

Maybe is the fact that I can have a glass of wine or a special cocktail when I bask in the warmth of its colors – i bet no one can do that when the sun rises.

Or maybe it’s because, to me the sunset appeals more dramatic and diffuse than the clear light of the sunrise.

You, please, tell me about it …… Will you vote for sunset or sunrise?

Here is a recent Cretan sunrise , at 05.30 (come on! admit it, access to sunsets is one more credit) and, with the featured photo, yesterday’s sunset at Mani – GR, provided by my good and super cool friend Mariza Laoutari Andersen

Looking forward to get your comments and your votes.

In the meantime, enjoy anytime of your sun!








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