Christmas Carols

by loloelen

In my country, Greece, children knock on houses or shop doors and sing Christmas Carols during the whole Christmas Eve.  But this year, 2020, obviously we won’t celebrate this Season in such a beautiful and traditional way.

Every year, this day, I used to wake up a little bit earlier to enjoy my morning coffee before starting having children at my door step for Christmas Carols.  And to be honest, I was nagging about it  ….

But this year I felt so depressed  without any music, any children voices, any laughs …. I keep asking myself why this is happening? When it will end? And unfortunately I cannot give any answers.

What I can say is that I won’t allow this situation to destroy my festive mood.  I have my music playing loud, I sing, I called my friends singing to them Carols and I really do my best to celebrate this Season.

This the Season to be Jolly!

Sending love and hugs.

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