2020 the worst year in history? No!

by loloelen

Lately I participate very often in discussions about the current situation we live, with corona virus crisis.  We all agree that is very bad, difficult, unfortunate, unbelievable condition! But should we say that is the worst year in history? No!

While reading about this crisis, I stumble on this excellent article about which year in history is the worst according to researchers and scientists.  Please give only 2′ to read it and realize how blessed we are.

I am copying the author’s closure hoping to offer you food for thought and eventually positive vibes for ourselves, humanity, whole world!

Labeling each new year as ‘the worst year in history’ has become something of a fad these days. We should look back to the year 536 A.D. and cherish how fortunate we are not to have lived in a time when the world was truly in darkness

Please keep this in mind every time you are in a mood to nag and complain about everything!

With love,

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