Carnival with social distancing

by loloelen

New normal requires many sacrifices.  For a 2nd time in our life we cannot celebrate properly the carnival. How do you feel about that?

Me, I can’t handle it!  I was never a fan of carnival, nevertheless I acknowledge the fact that gives joy to may people not matter their age.

But, come on now, is it possible to celebrate it with social distancing?

I think not!

I am sorry for this short, depressing article, but I feel as I am losing time from my life.  It’s been a year now with strict social distancing rules and I am following them 100%.

But I lost my mood for anything and especially for such occasions as a carnival fiesta!

Anyway, I apologise to you my friends, I lost control today.

I wish you next a year a marvelous Carnival with your friends, family and lots of dance and coctails.

Love you.


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