Why we should buy souvenirs when traveling

by loloelen

You are traveling for business or pleasure? It doesn’t really matter! You have to buy small stuff to remember the place you visited.

I must admit that meeting people is the best souvenir I can get from all my trips and the second one is photos, a bunch of photos of every moment, every spot, without any thinking, literally off-hand!

But, it is not enough! Believe me, I am luck enough for having travel already a lot in my life (and I wish I’ ll never stop traveling) and I know well that it is absolutely necessary and so cute to buy some stuff that will easily remind you the place you have visited.

Everywhere, even in the most small villages, there is always a gift shop.  Visit one and buy a typical miniature, souvenir of the area’s highlights or something useful that is featuring a local monument or anything local.

Thinks for your kitchen, for your balcony, a pair of shocks or fabric bags …. there is such a variety of lovely things to buy.

Don’t miss that! You will regret it!

Love you and wish you to stop being social distant soon and travel again!!

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