Do I need data to fix myself?

by loloelen

Have you ever thought about all these apps that we all are using for tracking and tracing everything? Why this new “habit” became literally a ritual? What do they offer? Do we need them and their outcome to fix ourselves?

I don’t know about you, but me, definitely I belong to the group of people that are bored within a couple of months of any application that offers me data of what I am doing, where I am standing, how much i have eaten, how many calories I have burned, when I am having my next period, if I lost my parcel …. anything and all!

I admit that I uploaded many times various applications that seemed to me appealing for my wellness and for becoming better.  I even paid subscriptions …. but do I use them? no, not much! Are there people that use them on a daily basis? Sure there are! Many!

Do I find that “pathetic”? Yes, I do!  Come on, guys! You want me to believe that you need all these apps? How all this monitoring?

  • Do you need notifications of who have seen your profile and who has left it?  NO!
  • Do you need to know step by step where your parcel is? NO! In case something has delayed, yes, why not, check on tracking machines
  • Do you need to know where is the flight that your friend is traveling with? No! Only to see the time arrival you need to know to arrange for picking up services
  • Do you need to know how many steps you have walked? No! You need to take care of yourself, on your own and move, do not stay stacked on your office chair!
  • Do you need to know when is your next period? or your good days?  Yes! But do you need an app to tell you that?  You are not capable of keeping a note? Is it less time consuming to upload data to get results?
  • Do you need an app to tell you how many glasses of water you drink everyday? No! Have a bottle, next to you all the time and drink!!!

Maybe I am strict! But I feel that we became slaves of this kind of technology and we don’t get a real outcome!

To me, is very bad that we spend a lot of time for using these apps instead of actually taking truly actions and work on ourselves!

How don’t you try to go back a few years when you still took notes or what you wanted to achieve and you didn’t have a device to send sounds or to vibrate every time you should take a break and drink a glass of water….

I have the impression that we all feel better and we will manage to “fix” ourselves on our own.

I feel obliged to point out that I love and I even admire technology!  But this slavery thing became the scourge of our life and I dislike it!

Please do not hesitate to give me your thoughts about it and have a conversation or even discussion about it!


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