How relocating from urban to rural changed me

by loloelen

Eight years ago I relocated from a busy city to another one which was much more civilized and of higher living quality.  Why was much better? Because it was full of nature!

This made me wanna live to rural environment.  7 of these 8 last years were full of constant business traveling and I noticed that I was really happy and pleased when I was spending my days to places close to nature.

So I started working in my mind when turning 50 years old (thus December 2019)

  • to stop working so hard for others and turn my hobby into business and give all my energy to myself
  • to move to the country and benefit of the easy access to nature

For 4 years I was spending several months per year to a Greek island and to a quite isolated area.  I started to need this kind of life, thus long walking, swimming on a daily basis, eating local food of top quality raw materials, sleeping better, having new friends with bigger smile, reducing my anxiety and my stress and feeling stronger physically and emotionally.  So my decision to relocate over there it was inevitable.

For sure the last couple of months with planning the relocation procedures and opening a physical shop for my work is quite stressful but it is really worth it.

I am quite positive that by next month

  • no allergies,
  • no headaches,
  • no bad mood,
  • no lack of enthusiasm

I promise I will write to you again and give a more detailed “hint” of my new life.

For the moment I need to say that I feel lucky for having this possibility and grateful to myself for taking this decision and start taking good care of me (Eleni or Lolo).

Love you,


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