by loloelen

Last year, with new normal – Covid situation, it is commonplace to talk about selfcare.  Well, it maybe sound cliche but it is absolutely right that we have to love ourselves and take care of them.  How? There are many ways but at least start from the basics.

We must learn to have both mental and physical status in a healthy state.  Everyone of us, wants, loves, wishes different things so there is no standard rule of which steps we should follow to act with selfcare consciousness.  It is just the rule on its own that we have to embrace in our daily life.  Start and end your day with this rule as top priority and you will see the difference.

For example me I started with no exemption

  • to sleep 8 hours per day
  • to drink a lot of water
  • to eat healthy meals
  • to take care of my skin and my hair
  • to read articles
  • to keep a journal

Don’t make fun of me because I am not mentioning any “serious” habits ….. I am doing other things for myself too, but not so regularly … all the above mentioned actions are now 100% daily rituals and I really enjoy them.

They made me feel better and at the end they made me work on me with no doubts, and always as first priority.  Trust me, it is not selfish, it is absolutely what we all need!

Sending love,

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