Afraid to say you are in bed with flu?

by loloelen

It happened to me! Two weeks ago and for 3 days I wasn’t feeling very well and it was my little secret … How come?

The answer is simple, really simple.  With all this covid situation we are living with, I didn’t have the power to admit that I wasn’t feeling well and to discuss if I should take the test or not.

To be honest with you, lately and actually while being on a second lockdown I lost my faith to people.  I have the impression that the majority doesn’t follow the health & safety rules to fight this pandemic and has no real concern on what is going on to you.

They ask, talk, suggest without having sincere interest in you.  They just gossip.

I hate myself when I become pessimistic but this time is a little bit different.  I am not waiting for the worst with this new reality since I am the kind of person that believes in the sun rising always but I stopped waiting for the good from people in general.  I am afraid that we all became more egoists with the covid crisis.

I hope I am wrong.

So, back to our health … it is flu season and we have to take care of ourselves.  So, eat well, drink tea, dress well, be active and everything will be all right.  Also, please keep wearing a mask, wash your hands, stay social distant & stay home.  Better days are coming.

Love you all,


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