Winter Scarf

by loloelen

Winter Scarf is no doubt my fav accessory.  Perhaps is the most common one but is the one that can define with no effort your whole outfit.

There is winter time considered without scarves – they are that important! They keep you warm and cozy while adding a shot of personal style to your look.

The good thing is that there is such a plethora of styles, shapes, materials, sizes, colors, patterns that you can never meet someone else with exactly the same one … at least it is very difficult 🙂


there are so many ways to wear a scarf that you can easily create your personal style, change the same outfit – look by wearing differently the same accessory.

Just stand in front of a mirror and try them again and again till you decide which way suits you more.

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  • 100% handmade brand-new or
  • preloved, secondhand

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Sending love

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