The incredibly diverse – and healthy – diet of the ancient Greeks

by loloelen

The immaculate “Fisherman” fresco discovered at Santorini’s Akrotiri depicts the ancient Greeks’ love for fish. They frequently dined on the types of fish which lived right along the rocky shores of the Aegean, but they also enjoyed fish from the open seas.

Discover the incredibly diverse – and healthy – diet of the ancient Greeks here: and see, as I did, how many things we kept alive up to now and the contrary, how many goods habits we lost during all these centuries ….

But how don’t we try to adopt their habits as they were?  I have the feeling that our lives will become much better, not to mention our health!

Read carefully the above mentioned link of Greek Reporter and maybe you will find the balance between ancient and current years that suits you the most!

I must say that ancient Greece still fascinates me a lot!

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