Document your days

by loloelen

Why you should document your days, your life? have you ever consider it about?

Apart from the critical period of time we are living cause of coronavirus crisis and the absolute need to keep notes and memories of every little thing we live these days (who knows, someone may become the next Anna Frank in history), there are many reasons that lead us to the urge to document our life.

I am giving you those that I have in my mind as the most important ones but, of course, as always, you may add yours too and enrich this list of mine.

1. Time sure flies!  So we have to memorize the most  of it. how? Taking pictures, recording, writing notes, keeping a diary.

2. Create tender moments with your beloved ones or even with yourself only.  Isn’t one of the most pleasant habits to look at pictures or videos or read a diary with your family or friends or partner?  Isn’t a full of emotions moment when you do that alone?  Are you afraid of it? Don’t! It is absolutely marvelous and is really worth it.

3. People are important.  if you do bother and spend sometime documenting your life you will soon realise how important people are in our life.  And, then, maybe you ‘ll become a better person …

4. Use time in favor of you.  If you keep a diary you will definitely start “benefit” of your time …. There is no doubt, that taking notes of your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your things to do is the most brilliant way to use the time in a way that will give you more time and more satisfaction.

5. Dream big. Oh, yes! this is a fact! Your diary or/and your digital material archive will show you, let’s say in a year – definitely one year is a good time for having a real outcome of this new ritual – what you have accomplished of your dreams and what remains for the future.  The more you document the bigger you dream! I cannot justify the reason – i am not a psychologist, it just happens.

So, will you still omit to do it?


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