Honey, simply divine!

by loloelen

I was born and raised in Greece, the land of twelve Gods of Olympus and Zeus … Mythology says that their food was honey in the form of nectar and ambrosia …. Well, they were Gods, they knew better! Don’t you think?

In my early age, honey was the king of our breakfast table or our evening snack. Always there, as a spread on fresh rustic bread, with or without fresh butter and as a sweetener in our milk or tea and yogurt.  Sometimes, mostly during exams, it was the magic boost of our energy ….. just a table spoon and we could study a few more hours! And, let’s not forget the magic touch of it when we had a flu accompanied with strong cough! Again, just a spoon and we were feeling better.

Nowadays, there are many ways that you can “enjoy” its splendid taste and benefit of its nutritious characteristics.  You want a few examples? in your salad,  in a plate of cheeses or fruits, in cooking (pork in the oven covered by honey and orange …. delicious!!!), in bakery (a bunch of cookies and breads) etc etc etc.

I will not talk about its history, properties, further use, production, formation – you can just visit any other platform that you respect – here is the link in Wikipedia about “honey” but I will tell you that soon I intend to add to my blog and shop a few products of Greek small bio producers, hoping that you will become fan and will add them in your daily routines. Let’s see …. I am working on it with eagerness and joy and I hope I will be able to present them to you in a couple of weeks.

Till then … take care, stay with me and do not forget to tell your friends about it



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