Easter time 2020 …. “it’s all in our mind palace”

by loloelen

Easter time for Catholics and Orthodoxes is drawing near but both religious groups stand at the threshold of a new era.

When I asked, a month ago, Niki Papapavlou to prepare Loloelen girl for Easter time (see the article’s photo) I never thought that I would use it for writing a note to you to stay punctual to the strict rules for Covid9 and not to celebrate with joy and love all together, with all members of your family and your beloved people.

For both religions, Easter is a really meaningful period of time, which is “honored” by their believers for many days and with various ways (such as participation in church ceremonies, forty days fast, traditional rituals etc.).

For Orthodoxes, Easter Sunday is a day dedicated to big gatherings with family members and friends, somewhere in the country side and huge table settings with everything you could ever want on them.

But during Easter 2020 none of these can happen.  It is very critical for us and the whole world not to get carried by our emotions and our hearts desire for celebrations.

Stay at home with social distancing, prepare a festive meal, help those in need and remain safe!

No doubt, Easter can be a joyful and loving season, only this time in a different way!

Trust me! “It’s all in our mind palace”


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