Which is your dream profession?

by loloelen

From time to time I catch myself admiring and envying some professionals for the kind of work they do and mostly those that have to do with design…. Strange enough cause I am not even able to draw a straight line!

I am not exaggerating, my hands are useless as far as design is concerned but I am in love with all those people that can take a piece of blank paper and fill it with drawings in just a few secs!

And, yes, I am still a teenager when I ask myself “if you could study now and choose your favorite profession, what would you do?”… I really do not know, or even better I would like to follow many careers. Should i worry about me?

Here is the list of the professions I cherish! Do not pay attention to the naming of them – I cannot be sure about it but I can give you, for sure, a fine description of what I rate highly for each one of it.

  • Architect (taking an empty space and turning it to useful, beautiful buildings …. really impresses me)
  • Interior designer (transforming an interior space with style, elegance and utility is so satisfying)
  • Garden designer (being able to create small paradises, is thrilling, isn’t it?)
  • Furniture designer (i cannot even say what inspires me so much, I am just dying for it)
  • Graphic designer (putting an idea on a paper and creating meaningful drawings is just amazing)
  • Advertising designer (being capable to influence all the world with your designs, what else can you ask for?)
  • Editorial designer (creating books or/and magazines is so lighthearted)
  • Typography designer (a special category!! designing timeless fonts is a full of life kind of work)

and the last two …

  • Animator and
  • Comic creator (both are one of a kind professions in my mind, just formidable)

Don’t ask me why I haven’t study anything of these …. at that time I didn’t even know that all these creative fields would take my breath away while taking the path of my life.  Who knows, maybe in another life or in the future …. Dream big is my motto!



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