Me when being in “Palaiovivliothiki” bookstore

by loloelen

Yes it is true, I feel like Alice in Wonderland every time I visit “Palaiovivliothiki“, my teenage friend’s bookstore in my hometown Thessaloniki, GR.

But why is it that I have so intense feelings? Because I see in just a moment my friend’s Despina Karamouza ability to preserve the high quality of this family bookstore and maintain the magic!  This, inevitably, brings back memories of how “small” I felt surrounded by all the hidden treasures of this place and how excited I was to discover them all, as a kid.

Yes, i feel proud with her work and I feel prouder of having lived life’s most difficult years, those of a teenage, with such beautiful, rich and positive people like Despina.  Actually she is my school best friend’s sister and she was the person we looked up to and tried to take a bit of her glow… no need to say more.

So, recently, while I have been trying to set up my blog, shop and marketplace “loloelen” which you are visiting right now reading my intentions, we thought it would be nice if we could offer you the chance to witness some of the awesomeness she has in her space.

Pre-loved valuable items, all of great affection, collected by Despina’s family for Palaiovivliothiki bookstore will be available to you through my shop.  The only obstacle you may meet… my wish to keep them all for me.  I’ll work hard on that to avoid it.

As you may understand I am truly thrilled for this “collaboration”.  I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Please keep in mind that you may ask us both for anything you look for or for anything you wish to find a new owner for.

We are always open to proposals and we will be more than glad to assist you.





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