Fried aubergine, zucchini, peppers and meatballs

by loloelen

When does your summer starts? Mine, in Greece, when i smell everyday fried aubergine, zucchini, peppers and meatballs

Oh yes, this is the absolute summer smell and taste! Have you ever tried them? If you do, you will comprehend why summer in my country and in Mediterranean sea is so amazing!

Yes these little things are adding “salt” in our life! Just picture it! On a sunny day, after spending hours at the beach and enjoying the clean, chilly blue colors of our sea, you go back home and (hopefully) someone – your grandmother – is waiting for you having prepared small meatballs and friend aubergine, zucchini, peppers … not to mention fried potatoes and “tzatziki”, the famous Greek sauce with yogurt and garlic that accompanies so well all these tastes …..

Do not forget Retsina or Ouzo as the perfect drinks to complete your meal! (not for kids, though)

The photo is of my yesterday’s lunch where I just prepared 100% beef meatballs and fried aubergine with tomato, feta cheese and samphire …. not the typical Greek plates as described above but definitely no more or no less taste Mediterranean infused suggestions.

If you ever tried them just a take a snap and send it to me … I would love to get photos of your summer memories around the kitchen table.  You will see that when preparing such food all your friends or family members (no matter of what age) will come around you!



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