“Tavli” or Greek Backgammon …. best way to share time with your beloved ones

by loloelen

I chosen to write about Tavli and categorised it at my “inspirations” because I really believe is one of the best ways to have time and fun with your beloved persons.  So are you aware of Tavli of in other words the Greek Backgammon?

If not, you can check Greek City Times link and find out the rules, its history (that comes from ancient times) … actually anything.  Mostly you can see how very common and with strong roots is in daily life of us, the Greeks …. Take a look at the beautiful pictures featuring exactly this …. the habit or ritual (call it as you wish).

For me – i am not good a player at all, so I don’t have many memories of me playing – Tavli is a bunch of images and senses, such as

– noise of dices and checkers on the wood

– laughs

– players making fun to each other

– cold beer or ouzo on the table

– friends or family sitting (or standing) around the players and watching with strong interest (especially if the players are good enough)

– small tables knocked together from whatever is available like boxes or bricks and a board

– curse words

– bets (with money or actions)


– anxiety to see the last movement of the loser closing with all his power the table game and the winner taking the money hidden beneath it.  I really do not know why but I always loved this “observance”.

One more thing, as I said at the beginning, is one of the best ways to gather your friends or your family around you ….. especially during summer, when you feel free and have time to spend enjoying a good game.

At my shop you can find a small, easily portable, wooden Tavli, in typical Greek (blue and white) colors in the special price of only 25 Euros.  It is from my personal collection and it is never used.  Who is interested in?




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