Professional concerns

by loloelen

A year full of changes.  1 dare to say “life changes”!  2020 i s the year I decided to turn my hobby into business and become boss of myself.  Actually all I wanted is to give my energy to me and not to others.

While having spent almost one year to this new project called “loloelen” I still have many concerns of how I am setting it up and what I should learn more to support even better this attempt.

You see, I always preferred myself to the role of a student and not of a teacher.  It is absolutely inspiring to my mind this role.  I am getting 100% excited of anything new I learn.

So, for working on my baby project “loloelen” first I have to be taught many activities with the goal to comprehend profoundly the handcraft work of others, their knowledge, their time, obstacles, solutions, ideas …..

So, since Loloelen is a marketplace of vintage objects first thing that I should major in is estimation of a preloved object and  regarding all handmade stuff that I intend to include to my future brand name (you see, this is the actual goal Loloelen to become a brand name) I have to learn

– sewing

– design (drawing)

– pottery

– painting

– knitting

– natural wax creation

– natural cosmetics creation

Is it too much?

Will I manage to work on all above mentioned within 2021?

Please give me your feedback and your thoughts about it.  I really need help to put all things in order.

Sending love.


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