Christmas Decoration

by loloelen

It’s all about Christmas Decoration and before even starting it I have many doubts and questions and inevitably anxiety.  Have I already lost the Joy of Christmas?

I noticed the last years that we all are struggling months before Season’s Holidays about the style of our Christmas Decoration.  Isn’t that so sad? Why is this happening? Do we feel competitive to each other? Yes, probably we do, at least we act like this.

But Christmas is nothing more than bringing love, warmth and happiness to our lives and we definitely lose this spirit.

Anyway, I don’t want to nag all the time, I just want to point out that we need to enjoy this period of time and I have the impression that Covid-19 crisis gave us a lesson on that too.

So, here is my personal opinion and you can comment – argue – hate – love it.

  • No need to start our decoration planning from early November.  Christmas season should start after Thanks Giving day.
  • No need to have the same kind of decoration every year but, for sure, no need to have anxiety about what kind of decor you will choose
  • Minimal or maximal? Basic question and the answer is the same “depends on your mood”
  • No need to spend money – go with the flow – use anything you have or DIY stuff
  • Do not care about others – just do what pleases you
  • Don’t forget that decoration is not only about beautiful items, it is about cooking, candles, fireplaces, chestnuts, flowers, warm clothes, friends, family, emotions, snow (if any) etc. etc.

This year and only this year, while being in the second lockdown, I needed to cheer up a little bit and I prepared my home in the middle of November.  But, I didn’t care at all about matching things, I just put those things that I really love and I have memories.  And to me personally, the answer to question “minimal or maximal” is always MAXIMAL.

Yes, Christmas time has no danger of excess! and yes, Christmas time is so inspiring of being real.

Love you, wishing you all the best for Season’s Holidays.


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