Start keeping a journal

by loloelen

I am a huge believer in keeping a regular journal. Whether thats for personal thoughts or for business decisions & plans for the future. Today 30th of December 2020 (the worst year of my life) I thought I should write about it and give you, according to me, the 5 top reasons for making the journal a steady habit.

1. Habit forming – Writing on a daily basis forces you to create a new positive habit.  The ability to form new habits and establish new routines is a key ingredient of living a healthier more productive life.

2. Zen – Writing is an amazing way to get to really know yourself.  Talking to yourself in the third person can be a great form of self therapy. You start to understand the way you think and behave and therefore to manage your inner part more effectively.

3. Reflection – How many times you have sent a message in anger only to regret it moments later? Writing to yourself prevent taking regretful actions. You can always press send the next day after a good read.

4. Communication – Regular writing can dramatically improve your communication skills.  Try to write anything and get your point across in 140 characters or less without practice …. it will end a disaster.  With journal you will get the contrary result very soon.

5. Perspective – Keeping a regular record of your thoughts and logic behind decisions is a powerful tool in building any personal or business plan. Sometimes you need to realize what you have been here before, in order to get you over the finishing line.

Have I convinced you that we need a journal in our life? I really hope so! At least try it with the beginning of 2021 … we need it much more today with all these critical situations we are all facing with Covid …..

The featured image shows my daily routine desk …… journals, iPad, coffee, snack, water and lots of thoughts!

Sending love and wishes for the a really good New Year!   We can create on our own our happiness and success and we definitely do it smoothly if we keep our journal.





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