Ruth Bader Ginsburg

by loloelen

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was she? Did you know her? or she had to die to become well known internationally for her believes and actions?

I am giving you above the link of Wikipedia to read for her and I am kindly asking you to google her name and see what she offered to community and how people are addressing for her.

Her work for gender equality and women’s rights is not only remarkable but one of a kind.  There no many people on earth fighting so hard and persistently with real passion for their opinion and for opening other’s mind and make our world better.

It is almost a month now that we lost her and I read feature stories on all publications, social media, blogs etc.  She deserves that.

She put the touchstone in people’s relationships and ways of dealing with every human being.

There are no much to say from my side than to express my gratitude for all her accomplishments and promise to myself that I’ ll do my best to follow her path without being afraid to show my feelings, my believes and without trying to hide behind “musts” and “taboos”.

She will stay in my heart and my mind for ever.

I wish I had met her!

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