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by LoloElen

The last five years of my life were dedicated to my career and I left many things behind, that I used to enjoy so much, such as reading.  Yes, I feel very bad for that and I want to change it with no further delay.

I miss so much Lolo (Eleni) of the previous years, the woman always up to date informed on national and international facts, on publications, on events, on culture, on social media, on everything actually.

So, I am ready for immediate actions.  I keep my subscription to “The New Yorker” weekly magazine (the only habit that didn’t die those last years) and I already did another one to the best daily newspaper of the world (according to me at least) “New York Times”.  With these two, I am pretty confident that I will have all the knowledge of everyday life globally that I want and in a respectable, well-rounded, straightforward way.

But, I have no idea how I should follow up, without falling into the trap of meshing around with publications (mostly digitals) of low standards literature, history, poetry, news, now that I am still traveling a lot and I remain fan of physical books (this is another topic that we will discuss soon, pros & cons of physical books and those of e-books).

Would you recommend to me anything? I would greatly appreciate if I could get your feedback and new ideas. I just wish to feel safe among the overdose of information we get and start enjoying again reading!

Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to receive your comments.


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