Ideas turned into great actions

by LoloElen

I was walking at Zurich city and I came upon this beautiful message on a shop-front “I was a bottle”.  I instantly took a snapshot, you see I wanted to keep this memory and today I am writing about this.

How remarkable is to have an idea and move forward to its accomplishment for such a good purpose … to create a designed item, actually pair of glasses, from a widely used material such as bottles that all of us, including me, just throw them away.

It is not only the recycling meaning that still impresses me every day more and more but also this specific idea of turning a bottle to fine, delicate style accessory.

By the way, just a plea to all of you, put recycling in your habits! You will feel better person (you will be actually), you will offer to your society, you will diminish human’s bad influence on this marvelous planet we call Earth and definitely you will see miracles happening around you. But, if you do, please do it properly. Spend some time on reading the basic rules that you should follow in order to have the requested result from your actions and to empower public and/or private sectors dedicated to recycling do their job.

I am pretty sure that this article is not handling a new, unknown to you matter but no doubt is handling a great cause.

Take care, see you soon



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