What is a citizen?

by loloelen

The term, “citizen” is related to the Latin term, civitas, meaning “city,” and referred in early times to an inhabitant of a city. In modern times it denotes a legally recognized member of a state who is entitled to certain rights and bears certain responsibilities.

To the ancient Greeks, a citizen was a member of the community who participates in public affairs through informed, reasoned debate and discussion, respectfully considering the views of others. Aristotle taught that a citizen is capable of both ruling and being ruled through active participation in deliberation and decision-making.

So actually, nowadays, what is a citizen? and how should a citizen behave on a crisis? These current days we are running are extremely difficult cause of Coronavirus … so, once again, what a citizen should do?

According to me two things:

a) stop expecting all Governments have laws for all situations – this is just “wishful thinking”

b) behave as an adult and civilized person, thus react cautiously, with no panic, no hysteria, with love and care for yourself, your beloved persons, everybody around you!! And one more thing, continue your day life as much as you can … this is not the end of the world … it is a crisis and we can deal with it and overpass it only by staying together and focused on this!

We are not alone in this world!! For once in your life, please forget this typical Greek attitude and start acting like a member of a community.

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