Fishes on your plate or your home decoration – best choice!

by loloelen

Why am i saying that fishes on your plate or your home decoration are the best choice? Because, apart from the benefits of having fish on your nutrition quite often, s one of the most simple and multicolored drawing that could give a fresh, summer style at your home!

Think about it! How many times you drew the fish’s outline with your pencil or your finger and instantly you felt the happy, relaxed summer mood? As a child whenever I wanted to amuse myself when being bored I drew daisies or fishes.  I don’t believe i was the only kid that did so! But the outcome of this action was successful and within a second – I felt rapidly very happy and positive! Strange things can happen 🙂

I really cannot tell when I started loving fishes.  I only can tell that my love increases year by year!

I can eat them everyday and I can have them around me every where ….. on my accessories such as earrings, bracelets, key chains, bookmarks or at home at my kitchen’s or bathroom’s, living-room’s, balcony’s decoration.  Especially when I am preparing myself and my space for spring-summer seasons!

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With love,

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