Addicted to sea!

by loloelen

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, a city located on the Thermaic Gulf, at the Northwest corner of the Aegean Sea.  Maybe the fact that I had sea view from my home balcony caused this endless love of mine for the sea.

Does this “endless love” characterization seems overstated? It is not, i give you my word.  I am truly addicted to sea, especially to deep, cold waters! I cannot resist to such waters … my wish to dive into is absolute impulsive!

I was at the beach, earlier today, at East Crete, and more specifically at Sitia and I was thinking of how lucky I am, me and the majority of Greeks of having easy access to so many beautiful beaches and especially seas!

I apologize If i sound a little bit arrogant…. I just wish to say that I feel blessed and grateful for being able to enjoy with no hard effort the sea.

Apart from that it is important to say that I was raised with respect to the sea! I mean, my parents and mostly my father used to say to me “do not struggle with the sea, allow her to guide you where she wants to get you” and so I did and I do! Whenever I have the chance to swim to wild seas, i just follow the flow and I am never getting tired or afraid of the sea…. if for some reason, the fear is approaching me…. i just stay in front of the sea and leave my eyes travel to the sea view.

All I want to say is that Greece is the perfect country to find all kind of seas and beaches and learn the beauties of living by the sea.

I love mountains and country’s nature but …. i admit it, i am addicted to sea and i am love with the attitude and character of people living by, from and for the sea!

If you wish to get information and proposal of not so well known places of my country and to be part of this kind of life at least for a few days, do not hesitate to contact me.  Me personally and my friends can give you many and fantastic proposals to enjoy your summer in Greece.

Just DM me.

The photo is at my fav beach during my teenage years, named “plaka“, at north coast of Pelion.  I will dedicated another article to this area where i have many memories of my childhood.

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