Martis, thus March in Greek

by loloelen

Martis, which means March in Greece is coming soon and for us, the Greeks means that spring is at our doorstep  bringing light, joy and hope in our life.

We have a tradition here for welcoming March and spring and I have the impression that this year with the new normal that seems to last a lifetime we will need to celebrate “Martis” even more. Don’t you agree?

So, our tradition is very simple, cute and colorful as spring time is demanding.  We all, adults and children, wear a bracelet of twisted red and white threads.  This custom has its roots in Ancient Greece and Mythology and it is really impressive that is still alive in all areas of my country.

The outcome of wearing such a bracelet is to be protected by sun and diseases in general.  At the end of March you can hang it on a rose or a tree so that birds can find it and use it for their nests or so that the nature will be much more fertile.

Me, usually, I wear it till the threads wear out.  I love wearing small, affordable accessories that remind me of my childhood.

Take a look at our shop and find your favorite Martis with only 5 Euro.  As the featured pictures shows I am already wearing the yellow heart.

A tip for the visitors of my country – do not forget to ask locals about our traditions on any occasion, season, area etc…… we have a plethora!  And one last thing, Martis is not enough for sun protection ….. 🙂

Love you and wishing you more joy in this March.


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