Outdoor cinemas – the best summer ritual

by loloelen

Do you love cinema? What about open-air cinemas ? There are still plenty in Greece ….

As a kid I used to go to the cinema once a week.  Later, as a teenager or during my life’s best decade, the 20s, this ritual became twice a week.  Cinema days were Thursdays (sales ticket) and Sundays (watching a movie was the best way to fight Sunday’s melancholy).

Unfortunately, things have changed radically and cinema entered our houses and our daily life.  So visiting the nearby spaces, having previously booked your ticket became a rare habit …..

But, the summer outdoor cinemas managed to maintain their “glory” and “coziness” up to now.  Check this article about the summer cinemas in Athens and you will find out why these magic places are still so adorable.  The only thing I have to add to this article is to carry with you a mosquito repellent and a scarf to wrap around you in case of a chilly night.

For me, the most important reason of felling in love with them is the access .  This neighborhood thing make them “important” part of our life.  In Greece almost everywhere, even in the smallest villages, you can find an outdoor cinema.  My friend Effie Carapsia, a few days ago, when talking about cinema, had the courtesy to send me the featured photo from Syros Island and the below from Santorini.  Aren’t they both lovely?

Would you like to share with me your feelings when staring at these photos or when visiting such a space?

Me, I feel really really happy and peaceful, harmonious, tender, as if at home, as if I am still a kid, voracious.  Oh, yes, I want all the hotdogs, the buttered popcorn, the salty sunflower seeds, the cold beer and the strawberry ice pop.

For any foreigner who reads this article, I have a tip or request (call it as you wish).  Visit any of our outdoor cinemas when coming to Greece – it is a must!




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