Light traveler

by loloelen

Preparing for a few days getaway? Don’t know how to pack?

Make sure to pack light! The point of a mini escape is having fun and letting go … So you won’t be needing many things, right? A savvy traveler knows that you always need less than you think!

Pack only what you know you’ ll wear and not what you think you’ ll wear.  Start with one pair of pants, leggings or jeans, since they can be paired with multiple less-bulky tops for variety. Add a pair of shorts and 2 of your favorite tops, no more! Definitely a bathing suit and some beachwear if you’ re heading for the beach!  A light and comfy dress for a night out, a pair of shoes that are versatile enough to match with all outfits and a pair of flip-flops for the beach and the shower!

Don’t forget a cosmetics bag with your favorite miniature toiletries and a book you love! you are ready. Go have some fun!

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