My Greece

by loloelen

Can you see how relaxing seems the featured couple?  Isn’t vacations an ideal opportunity for lots of relaxing? Well, take a look at this photo, taken yesterday evening at Mochlos village, East Crete, Greece.

I love traveling and actually I adore being a tourist as being a holidaymaker.  You know well that I come from Greece and that I believe my country is a “have-it-all” case for vacations.

You wish to visit Greece and explore its history, culture, nature, traditions, urban life, religions, anything …. you are more than welcome and to the right direction!  But, you seek relaxing, peace, time for yourself and for your beloved ones …. just pick the perfect spot for your optimal holidays.

I was seating in a fish tavern and I was staring at this couple with a big smile on my face ….. It was the definition of summer vacations to me!

They took their stuff at the dock, they worn their sun protection and they had a lie-down after lunch, cherishing the sea breeze.  Then they swam and they enjoyed the gentle sun of 18.00 while relaxing or reading their books.  No stilted luxuries or, even better, with the absolute luxury of nature.

Who could ask for more?

What is summer holidays for you?



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