Which is the best tip when traveling abroad?

by loloelen

Do you want to open all doors widely and easily when you are traveling in another country? Learn to say “good morning” at locals’ language.

I am definitely a person that loves to speak many foreign languages and communicate with others at their own words.  Maybe I am lucky enough and I can learn easily other languages.  You see, they say that I have a “thing” with that or i am my father’s child who could make a conversation in another idiom within a few days being abroad …

But, for you, it doesn’t have to be that way.  All you have to do, before traveling to another country, is to learn the basic words such as “thank you”, “good morning”, “welcome”, “excuse me”.  It will truly open to you all doors, it will make you feel more comfortable, you will gain a lot of smiles and for sure any assistance that you might need.  There is no way to receive a “no” as an answer when you address to the other’s language.

Why don’t you try it? And if you cannot learn by heart a few words or expressions, then you can have on your phone an app to make it to you smooth and direct!


Looking forward to receive your impressions of your travels in case you adopt this tip

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