Summer Rocks!

by loloelen

It’s true! Summer is not only endless beaches, is access to sea water through multi-shaped rocks!

If you ever visit my country, Greece you will understand what I mean.  There is no place by the sea without a space full of rocks.  And there is no need to avoid it!  Just take a proper pair of shoes to skip injuries.

If you do so, then you will be fascinated by the absolute clear waters, the sunlight’s games on the rocks and mostly, but not least, the life you meet over there!

Check the featured image, courtesy of my friend Irene Sikas and try to picture the whole scenery! Wouldn’t you love to be there and “play” with these sea species? Well, I would!

Not to mention, of course, diving into these beautiful waters from the highest rock?  Simply, the synonym of summer season!  Again, I have to point out that first we have to be very cautious, if we wish to enjoy it with not sad surprises!

Literally for me is the best time of summer season when spending time for long (a bit difficult) walks on the rocks or swimming on rocky areas!

I have promised myself to buy a water shooting machine… but still I haven’t.  P am pretty that when I finally do, it will be a trap, since I will spend the whole day in the water ….

If you are with me, please send me any photos of similar summer vacations to create an album of joyful moments “on the rocks”.


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