Adopt a stray dog (pet) – do not shop!

by loloelen

It’s been 9 years without a pet in my life cause of constant business traveling …. But 2020 is a year of life decisions and I knew from the very beginning that I would start looking for a stray dog to adopt.  Corona virus crisis and this lockdown on my own at my apartment accelerated this effort and in less than a month I am blessed with a new family member named “Phrixos”.

Ok, I wanted to share with you my happiness and to fish your compliments about Phrixos – although i am not sure that you can his kindness over a photo – but mainly I wanted to talk to you about adopting a stray dog (or cat).  There is no such thing as this gesture to this poor creatures that need you and that will be endlessly devoted to you.

Believe me, you will be filled with love and you will become better person if give your hand and share your life with this helpless soul!

On the other hand, If you choose to shop you ….. i won’t write further because I have the feeling that I won’t be civilised ….. it is very frustrated to me.  I will just leave you to think if there any, any kind of benefit for doing so and I would be glad to discuss it with you further.



A good night kiss by me and my boy.


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