Banksy, an anonymous artist dedicated to raise awareness

by loloelen

Many times I start my texts by declaring “i envy those ….”. Well, this time I do really envy and admire and applaud and favor this anonymous street artist named “Banksy“.

I am pretty sure that the majority of you is already aware of who is Banksy, but for those who don’t, please take a look at the above given link and again I am pretty sure that you will realise that you too knew about him without really knowing him ….. It is never too late to enter to his marvelous, satirical street art work!

The occasion for this reference to one of the inspirational persons in my life, is his last work, spread pervasively a few hours before.  With this work, this “peculiar” artist is celebrating superhero health workers and raise awareness once again to all of us.

But come on, isn’t a lovely thought of this child considering the health workers as superheros (which actually are) and preferring to have them as characters of its toys and not the classic well know to all “superheros”?

I found it brilliant, outstanding idea. On one hand this aspect makes the world think and finally realise who the superhero really is on a daily basis and on the other hand these human beings, the health workers that live and breath for the community’s safety, will finally receive honest appreciation and admiration.

So, this is Banksy, he did his miracle once again.

Looking forward for the next piece of art.


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