Any TV show that gives you real pleasure?

by loloelen

2020 and I am not spending in front of the TV more than 1 hour per week while 10 years ago TV was part of my life

You see, I cannot say that I despise TV but i have lost my interest in it … I find no worth following productions at all or I should say better that I find everything fake!  … and for sure I prefer to be advised on international and national matters or on cultural by magazines or newspapers (either online or hard copies).

But there are still some shows that make the difference to this world! For me, the very best by far is Graham Norton Show of BBC One.  Whenever I need something to boost my mood, I choose to watch a couple of episodes and I literally forget about everything! All my problems, my considerations, my bad vibes are gone within a sec.

But maybe I should firstly talk about British humour if I wish to point out the successful atmosphere of this show.  I am sure that either you adore or hate British humour.  Well, I belong to the first group, I am just a huge fan … and when watching this show i cannot stop laughing and my laugh is real, the way Ernest Hemingway was proposing to do so whenever you are in a mood of laughing out loud.

Graham is so talented of making his guests feel free to share with the audience any personal (intimate or not) moments in the funniest way – his way actually!

I have the impression that this guy really loves what he is doing and has fun with his work and to me this is so inspirational and amazing! I hope I will keep watching this show for many many many more years!

Should I also mention how much I enjoy hearing British accent? Well, I am mad about it!

How about you? Is there anything out there to your TV channels that you still fancy? I am curious to know!

Looking forward to receive your messages.


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