Sour cherry juice ….. Greek infused, refreshing beverage

by loloelen

As a child, during summer, it was a ritual to have my grandmother’s handmade sour cherry juice every evening.

I was playing out at the streets with my friends and she was calling me with her strong voice “Eleni, take a break and come to drink your juice” …. Although I hated the fact that she interrupted me from my play, I never stop enjoying my juice.  In fact I was waiting for her to “order” me to drink my juice.

Now, thinking of these days, it is not only the taste of handmade “vyssinada” (the Greek name of this juice) that I miss but the whole scenery of its preparation. Going to the market and buying the fruits, my grandfather carrying kilos of sour cherries and sugar … in order for her to prepare initially the sour cherry preserve and then the juice, cleaning them, split the bad of good ones, taking off their seed, boiling them etc.

A month ago, I met my friend Vicky, soul of Fatto a mano, and I asked her to give me various preserves and among others “Vyssino” (sometimes when i speak about traditional Greek foods, i prefer to use their original name, without translating to you – i hope you do not misunderstand me).  So she did, and I bless her every day for the delicious moments she brought with her goods to my daily routine.

My dear Vicky, everything is exceptional but your Vyssino and the Vyssinada I am preparing with it, is just more than adorable.

Thank you so much.

Do not hesitate to text her and enjoy her tasty dream pieces. Vyssinada is the perfect choice to refresh your mouth on a warm summer evening.

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