My fav tomato!

by loloelen

In Greece we call it “pink flower” tomato and we mean the simplest way to taste a tomato!

Just pick up a large one, clean it thoroughly, slice it in big parts and escort it with a pinch of salt (most preferably sea salt) and/or a little bit of olive oil.

This is the best way to taste the whole “aroma” of Greek tomato and maybe one of the most delicious and at the same time simple “mezes” plates or side dish for your fish or meat.

As you may already know, I am for Summer 2020 at East Crete Island and in particular at Sitia and I feel so lucky that I have on a daily basis the best, of highest quality, 100% bio tomatos on my table.  This kind of tomatos there is no need at all to serve them among other salad products.  Believe me, only one tomato, salt and olive oil or even just the tomato and you will feel blessed for having experienced such a juicy, aromatic and original taste of local tomatos.

If you come in my country, at any area, do not forget to ask for “pink tomato”.  The more plain is your plate the best!




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