Life is wonderful, slow down a bit and cook pancakes in the morning

by loloelen

A life lesson that I got during the lockdown is that life is much more wonderful when you slow down a bit.  Let me explain to you.

Are you the kind of person that woke up in the morning, usually with the aid of an annoyed alarm (any sound is annoyed, don’t deny that) and goes directly to the kitchen, drink a glass of water and then prepare a coffee?

While having this coffee, you read a bit of the news or your social media and start getting prepared for your day? A quick shower, some casual clothes and out of the door or, during lockdown, at the office space you got at home?

Or should I add that you eat a banana or a plain yogurt or a yogurt or milk with cereals and this is enough, quite healthy and simple? You are by now ready to start your work and day and you have already started talking for your tasks and maybe you eat and work at the same time, correct?

But, can’t you see that this is, in fact, sad?

Change a little bit your morning habits and you will feel in no time much better.  You will realize that life is wonderful and simple things do matter!

Yes, please start cooking in the morning, an egg, some toasts but even better some pancakes.

You don’t need to have specific supplies for the pancakes that demand further effort and time from you.  No, you just need eggs, butter/oil, milk, flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. Whatever else you add is optional.

You need a little bit of time and no distractions at all – no social media, no work, no calls – just cooking for yourself (if you are alone) or our family, cohabitants, domestic partners …. call them as you wish.

Keep in mind that pancakes need practice and don’t lose your courage if they are not fluffy enough from the first time.

Just enjoy the feeling of setting aside personal time! Yes, you will see that life is much more wonderful with mornings like this.

If you are not familiar with pancakes, just google and you will find a plenty of recipes.

I strongly believe that covid thought me to slow down my life and I started to cherish moments and little things much more.

Love you,

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