Customized handcrafted fabric accessories

by loloelen

If you already know loloelen you are aware of her love for handcrafted work and pure materials.  If don’t know her, let me explain to you her way of thinking.

As a kid she wasn’t quite talented at creating – making …. so she learnt to admire and have high estimation to those who did.  But she was talented at decoration, styling, combining materials & ideas and finally creating her own personal style.

This tendency became hobby and finally with Loloelen became work, main activity and life goal.

So, as a person who works hard, all day long and in various environments, I realised that my accessories (bags, wallets, clutches, scarfs, pashminas etc.) should be cozy and easy to wear and carry.  Therefore I decided to search the market for high quality pure materials, as cotton-velvet, cotton-corduroy, wool, alcantara, to create a few accessories that will escort you in almost every occasion with grace and elegance.

A very important factor of our aw20 designs was the possibility to clean our accessories – not only cause of the current Covid-19 crisis but in general, I dislike those products that cannot be “touched” and those that are literally of plastic …. and, believe me, there are many of those in the market.

So our designs have the benefits of

  • utility – usefulness (spacious and easy to carry)
  • lightness (no weight in order to be carried with no harm all day long)
  • easy cleaning (you can clean them on your own following our instructions)
  • timelessness (simple designs that will be always a trend)
  • uniqueness (customized designs according to your needs and taste)

Check our shop to see what we have already prepared for you and do not hesitate to contact us in case you wish to “change” something on our proposed accessories.  We are willing to “learn” from your style and needs and definitely to satisfy you as much as we can.

Sending love and waiting for your comments.

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