Faber-Castell: an eventful history spanning more than 250 years

by loloelen

I was cleaning my desk today and I noticed how many Faber-Castell products I have … and how strongly they influence me (i ‘ll explain below), so I decided to read once again about this amazing company and eventually write to you.

Yes, this company is counting a history of more than 250 years.  Please take a few moments and take a look at their history. You will be more than inspired by them.

But to me, it is not only its huge history and the fact that a family managed to maintain their product in the market through many generations by following the rules of each period of time and thus establish a timeless and well known logo to all of us, but the fact that whenever i take in my hand any of their product, pencil, pen, fine liner, marker, crayon etc. I have the spontaneous need to “create”!.

Yes I do, i get so inspired by their quality, perfection, long lasting history that I want to be a part of it and add value in my life by using these products.

Silly or not, this is my truth.  I admire Faber-Castell so much that i love having something of them on my daily routine.  It makes me feel better, more creative and somehow more positive!

Do you have any of kind of product-company that you are really fond of? If so, just share it with me!




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