Family Dining Table

by loloelen

Being raised in a family where it was a must, with no exemption, to have our lunch and dinner around our dining table, I never thought the benefits of this habit, I just enjoyed it a lot.

Actually I enjoyed that much that when living on my own, I still had all my lunches at my kitchen or dining room table.  This was one of the common things I had with my ex-husband @ggkas that we kept it with deference to each other.

I have the impression that corona virus crisis endorsed again the meaning of the dining table in a family.  And this is really good! Take a look of how many things you can do around it apart from having a good lunch …

– create family memories – maybe it is the best place to create memories after family holidays time

– play with friends or family  – no doubt, the table can accommodate your puzzle or any other toy

– spread and archive your beloved items – such as photos, souvenirs, notes, utility items, decoration items (second choice, the floor)

– listen and support – with a coffee, glass of wine or a cold beer you can sit there for hours and listen to a friend or a family member and try to offer your support

– prepare your holidays – layout all info and decide where to go this summer, this new year’s eve …. anything

– work – sometimes instead of using your desk it is better to work on your dining table – it gives this cozy, warm feeling that makes you think everything will get better

– celebrate -isn’t it the best choice to celebrate any occasion? such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions, Christmas or other holidays….

come on, don’t you agree that around dining table you had the best time of your life?

Well, me for sure! Alone, with my life-partner, my friends, my family i vote for many many moments around it!

With love,

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