Fishing vs hunting

by loloelen

I prefer fishing than hunting for many reasons – apologies to my hunters friends, who have brought to me many times really delicious bushmeat that i have enjoyed with all my heart – but still fishing is so much great for me and my taste.

Firstly allow me to give you a few clarifications before setting down these reasons.

– i believe to the circle of life and the rule the bigger eats the smaller – so fishing and hunting are both acceptable to me but (there is always a but)

– we have to follow the local rules if we practice such an activity ….. if not, it is a crime and actually, a serious one.

Now, have cleared my position toward these two factors I can describe why I like fishing

– I adore more the scenery, an activity by the water – you see i love water and especially the sea – is much more ideal for me

– usually the weather is better

– I find fishing more relaxing – there is no need for too much effort (ok, maybe this is not valid to all kind of fishing ways, but i am talking in general)

– it is easier for all of us to have such an experience, no matter age, gender – or maybe i should say that hunting requires at all more training (again, in general, since there are fishing activities that need specific knowledge and licenses)

– i like the fact that when fishing you may get a variety of species comparing to hunting


– you can cook easier (no big preparations) and quicker your treasures and enjoy your fishing day outcome right after with your family or/and friends

What about you?

Btw, my country is just-perfect for both.

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