Greek infused plain plates

by loloelen

As you know i am a Greek citizen and I am really inspired as long as influenced by all Greek traditions like Mediterranean food. So, what really pleases me at this kind of cuisine?

Is the plain plates.  No complexities and difficult combinations! All you want to enjoy for meal is high quality of raw materials and, believe me, in my country there is a plethora of fine products.

Talking to you with honesty, Greek kitchen has also many “peculiar” and rare plates, which combines many materials, like the famous “mousaka” which includes vegetables, potatoes, oliveoil, minced meat and cream but in spite this kind of delicious proposals, you can easily have on your daily routine simple plates, like a steak and vegetables or fish and a salad, all treated with the best olive oil in the world (no exaggeration at all), great wine, lots of love (it really matters) and usually lovely scenery ….

Do you need anything else?

I bet you don’t.

You can effortless find this in all the places of Greece.  If you wish to guide you on such an experience, please be my guest.

The featured photo displays grilled fish called “bream” and grilled vegetables …. misses the wine but only of the photo not of the table.  A glass of wine with my lunch or dinner is my fav ritual.



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