Home alone? Any safety & injury prevention?

by loloelen

A week ago, Loloelen wasn’t so thoughtful of herself while being alone at home … and here are the results, thankfully only a cutting and a bruise.

Before this incident I believed I was quite well organised at home to have safety and avoid injuries and with my good first aid knowledge i felt secure and confident.  But, i underestimated other reasons which can provoke accidents, such as sudden low blood pressure, which is my case that caused me a faint, an ungainly tumble and a wallop at my head.

So now, I reconsidered the precautious measurements I had taken at my home and I enriched my list hoping not to face something similar again!

But you, how well are you prepared for this kind of circumstances? Can you reply positively to all below questions? (sequence of no importance) I wish you do!

  • have you ever read any safety and injury prevention plan?
  • do you know how to deal with emergency situations, such as fire, earthquake, power off, water flood, gas loss, external attack?
  • do you have an escape plan?
  • do you have an updated first aid kit at home?
  • are you aware of basic first aid rules?
  • do you have easy access to essential items such as emergency phone numbers, extra house key, flashlight with batteries, petty cash, 2nd cell phone?
  • have you given to anyone else, outside your home, extra house key?

and most importantly … are you able not to panic?

I know that this article may not be so pleasant, as others … but, I am afraid my friends, accidents do happen no matter how well we all are prepared, so, we have, beyond any question, be awake and thoughtful.

Take care.




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Sascha-Alexander Beyer April 20, 2020 - 8:37 am

Excellent German language advises are here: https://www.bbk.bund.de/DE/Ratgeber/Ratgeber_node.html

loloelen April 20, 2020 - 9:16 am

thank you! really appreciated!


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