Summer Girl, sometimes all you need is an inspirational song

by loloelen

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine uploaded the song of Jamiroquai “Summer Girl” and ever since I cannot think of anything else but summer.  Maybe is a short term dream to accomplish now that we live in the days of corona virus but I don’t really care …..I like dreaming of things I always adored in my life.

Yes, it is very difficult social distancing, working at home, sheltering in places and our inner balance is being torn in unprecedented ways. The only thing that keeps me strong to this newly and unknown situation is to get back my common experiences with partner, family, friends, acquaintances even strangers and enjoy them again.

I was born and raised in city by the sea with easy access to marvelous beaches from April till October. I can’t even imagine of living away from “water”, let alone not permitting to go to the coast.  No, it is unbearable.

We have to stay home strictly with no exemptions, stay safe in order overcome this circumstances but we have to start envisioning the future now.  Let’s not lose summer, when everything is much easier and when mood is always higher if we wish to restore the damage already created.

Please stay safe


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