Read plays out loud

by loloelen

I was reading this morning this article of New York Times about Turning the Living Room into Stage and I found it so brilliant idea, now that we all need to find magic in empty hours (as Ben Brantley says)

Yes, come on, why not? especially for you with families, entertain yourself doing something all together, apart from playing video games (which is also good at the moment, nobody denies that).

Think of theater play that you like and you think it would amuse you and get started on this fantastic idea.  Do not use as an excuse “I am not aware of theater plays etc.” …. we live in Google times …. you can find anything you are looking for.  Just give it a shot!

I will, I promise … even though I am isolated all alone… I’ ll find monologues and I’ ll read them out loud on my own. Yes, I am challenging you … why don’t we upload to my insta stories our theatrical moments?  Oh yes, use #turnthelivingroomintostage and see what we get from it.

Looking forward in interacting with you


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