Chocolate stores

Chocolate addicted

by LoloElen

Last summer I met a very nice girl, Anna (Ioanna) who told me that she doesn’t like chocolates.  I couldn’t believe in my ears! I could never thought that there is someone who dislikes chocolates, unless is allergic! What can I say? Just a mystery for me.

Since then, every time I enter a chocolate store I am thinking of Anna and, to be honest, I am thinking of how I should make her change her mind …..

For me chocolate is one the most fine, high quality tastes you can get in your life.  Check this picture! It is like paradise …. A vast variety of any kind of chocolate you may dream of and definitely with no comparison to each other.  Who could claim that has favorite flavor? Believe me, I am not even able to distinguish one.

Anyway, just grab a piece (seriously, just a small piece is more than enough to fulfill your demands) and enjoy it after your lunch/dinner, with or without your coffee/tea or for breakfast, to give you energy!

Allow to yourself simple but comprehensive pleasures!


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